Jhpiego is dedicated to saving and transforming the lives of women and children throughout Kenya.


Jhpiego is working to prevent the needless deaths of women, girls and their families by making health services in Kenya the very best they can be. We have formed great partnerships with the government's Ministry of Health, doctors, community health workers and health systems managers. Together, we implement many lifesaving projects that are saving thousands of lives.


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Neither Seen nor Heard: Kenyan Youth Voices on Reproductive Health Services

Should teenagers and young adults trying to access reproductive health services be treated as children or adults? As adults, are we doing enough to help adolescents cross the bridge to a brighter future? Kenyan youth describe their battle in trying to seek information and reproductive health services. Watch Video


Mary Mugambi, District AIDS coordinator for Nairobi County

Passion, Partnership and Dignity: Moving Forward in the Fight Against HIV

Stigma remains a key barrier to Kenyans accessing HIV screening and treatment services. Mary Mugambi, a veteran HIV counselor in Nairobi, has dedicated her professional life to helping break down barriers to care, especially for the most-at-risk populations.


Dada during a family planning outreach at the Dandora informal settlements.

Proud to Volunteer as a Community Health Worker

Community Health Workers play a primary role in connecting women and families in impoverished areas to health care services. The Tupange program has built a network of CHWS who go door-to-door in a community, educating Kenyans on healthy behaviors and linking them to health services.


5th Quadrennial General Meeting & 11th Scientific Conference by the East, Central and Southern Africa College of Nursing (ECSACON)

September 1-5, 2014
Harare, Zimbambwe

Theme: Increasing Access to Quality Nursing and Midwifery Care: Nurses and Midwives Taking the Leading Role

World Contraception Day

Official launch of the MSD Health Wagons by Tupange
September, 25, 2014

World Contraception Day is a worldwide campaign with a vision for a world where every pregnancy is wanted. Its mission is to improve awareness of contraception to enable young people to make informed decisions on sexual and reproductive health.

Theme: Your Future. Your Choice, Your Contraception

For more information on Jhpiego-Kenya partners, check out Kenya's Country Profile.

Passion, Partnership and Dignity: Moving Forward in the Fight Against HIV

Proud to Volunteer as a Community Health Worker

Getting the Facts to Make Healthy Choices: A Kenyan Youth Leader Speaks Out

The Rough Road to Health Services

Man, Oh Man!

Motorcycle Men: How the Kitui Riders Association Became Advocates for Family Planning

The Single Visit Approach Transforms Worry to Wonder—in a Matter of Minutes

Kenyan Community Health Worker Persuades a Young Pregnant Woman to Give Birth in Health Facility with Skilled Care

On the Front Lines of the Battle Against Malaria, MCHIP and Community Health Workers Transform Tragedy into Triumph

A Community Health Worker’s Persistence Ensures Kenyan Family Receives Quality HIV Counselling and Treatment

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1World Health Organisation Global Status Report on non-communicable diseases 2010.


Isaac Malonza, Country Director
Nairobi, Kenya
Tel: 254.73.2134.000
E-mail Isaac Malonza

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