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As part of the national #GivingTuesday campaign, Jhpiego is asking you to share with us the greatest gift you've ever received. Email your stories to news@jhpiego.org or post on Facebook.

Through #GivingTuesday, Dec. 3, Jhpiego will feature your responses on Facebook...and even a few here.

We'll also be updating this site with a few of our own stories about mothers and families in the developing world who have received the greatest gift – Life.

So tell us about your greatest gift and share the joy!

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Fighting Cervical Cancer With Vinegar and Ingenuity

A low-cost, effective screening process for cervical cancer that uses vinegar is at the center of a single visit, screen-and-treat approach pioneered by Jhpiego. This innovative screening method is the national model in Thailand, where more than 600,000 women have benefited from this lifesaving prevention and treatment service. Nurses are performing the single visit approach, ensuring greater access to women in all parts of the developing world. Read More

ABC's Diane Sawyer Praises Jhpiego's Work in Afghanistan

More than 3000 new midwives are working in Afghanistan today, thanks to a national midwifery education system developed by Jhpiego in partnership with the government of Afghanistan. Because of their work in villages and communities throughout the country, hundreds more women and babies are surviving pregnancy and childbirth. These young midwives have been educated in a respected profession and are contributing to the health and welfare of Afghan families. Watch Video

How Emerging Technology Will Save Women's Lives During Childbirth

Jhpiego's partnership with Johns Hopkins University student engineers brings forth promising new innovations designed to address some of the world's global health challenges. Project engineer Shoval Dekel discusses her work on the ePartogram, a tablet device that maps the progress of labor electronically and alerts midwives and nurses to potential complications. Read More