A powerhouse of innovation and expertise working to ensure the most basic human right:

From our President’s desk:

50 years! What an honor it is to be here, leading Jhpiego during this milestone in the life of the organization.

Today, and for the year ahead, we invite you to celebrate a half century of learning, innovations, progress and lives saved. Five decades of reimagining and strengthening the delivery of care to improve the health of women, men and families across 155 countries.

As the world has changed, so have we. In solidarity with government and country partners, our focus has evolved beyond providing technical trainings for midwives, nurses and physicians to strengthening entire health systems to ensure quality health services and achieve self-sustaining impact.

This 50th anniversary is an opportunity to showcase all that Jhpiego has become with your support: A powerhouse of innovation and expertise currently working in partnership with 40 countries to ensure the most basic human right—health—for women, men and their families.

All of this success begins—and continues—thanks to our country colleagues and the incredible Jhpiego staff working across three continents to ensure that where a person lives does not determine if they live.

They are the heart and soul of the Jhpiego family. They are the reason, 50 years from our founding, Jhpiego remains a global leader—revolutionizing health services in communities worldwide.

Leslie Mancuso

President & CEO

“I’m incredibly hopeful as I look back on the tremendous progress we’ve made in the past few decades…efforts by the countries and the women themselves under the U.S. government’s flagship maternal, newborn and child health projects over the last 15 years give me great confidence, joy and pride in the work we do at Jhpiego.”

Koki Agarwal | Vice President, Jhpiego

“I draw inspiration from my Jhpiego colleagues in every country. Everyone I have the opportunity to talk to genuinely care about the health of their country people, and the need for increased global solidarity to stop preventable illnesses. That is true north for me.”

Tigistu Adamu | Chief Medical Officer, Jhpiego

“That’s been a fundamental tenet of how Jhpiego has succeeded: to make sure that practitioners understand the evidence base from which smart innovations and smart interventions can be done.”

Harshad Sanghvi | Former Chief Medical Officer, Jhpiego

“In every country where we worked, it is necessary to partner with the administrator of health in the country…since Jhpiego, in all the countries we work in, does not provide direct services. We’re there to build sustainable systems in countries who can carry out the work that we introduced.”

Ron Magarick | Former Vice President, Jhpiego

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