Scientific Publications

Women’s experience with postpartum intrauterine contraceptive device use in India.
Effectiveness of virtual classroom training in improving the knowledge and key maternal neonatal health skills of general nurse midwifery students in Bihar, India: A pre- and post-intervention study.
Comparison of outcomes at 6 weeks following postpartum intrauterine contraceptive device insertions by doctors and nurses in India: a case–control study.
Effectiveness of the WHO SCC on improving adherence to essential practices during childbirth, in resource constrained settings.
Leveraging existing virtual platform for training medical officers on Non-CommunicableDiseases; an experience from Bihar, India
Facilitators and barriers to participation of private sector health facilities in government led schemes for maternity services in India: a qualitative study
Quasi-experimental Study of Systematic Screening for Family Planning Services among Postpartum Women Attending Village Health and Nutrition Days in Jharkhand, India
Providers’ perceptions on postpartum IUCD as an option of postpartum family planning services in India
Blending virtual with conventional learning to improve student midwifery skills in India