Happy Holidays from Jhpiego

Happy Holidays from Jhpiego

This holiday season, help health workers across the world save lives, improve health and transform futures! 25 million children have been left unvaccinated against life-threatening diseases because of the COVID-19 pandemic. The majority of these children live in low-income countries. India, Nigeria, Indonesia, Ethiopia, and the Philippines are recording alarming rates of unvaccinated children. We bring lifesaving

Crossing the Last Mile in Sierra Leone

Gibrilla Sillah knows what it’s like to be sick. The 35-year-old routinely felt achy and fatigued; he had headaches and mouth sores. So, earlier this year, he went to a nearby clinic in Lungi, Sierra Leone, where the doctor examined and tested him. Sillah learned the cause of his symptoms: he had tested positive for

Jhpiego Supports Countries in Crisis

When Cyclone Idai roiled through Mozambique a few years ago, Jhpiego country staff worked with the government and other partners to help contain a cholera outbreak in the most affected areas of Sofala Province. In response to the recent flooding in Pakistan, Jhpiego quickly mobilized our teams, and in coordination with the Ministry of Health,