Defeating Tuberculosis in Lesotho Requires Tracing and Trekking  

Defeating Tuberculosis in Lesotho Requires Tracing and Trekking  

Loosening TB’s grip on Lesotho—where the airborne respiratory disease remains a leading cause of death—means more than treating those who show up at clinics and hospitals with symptoms of the contagion.  Ending TB by 2030 in this mountainous kingdom as well as throughout the world—the objective declared in the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals—depends on

Peers Partner to Use Data to Solve Problems, Improve Health Care in Northern Nigeria

Poor quality of care is killing people. Conventional approaches to improve care have not been effective. To reverse this, Jhpiego is working with ministries of health in five countries in Africa through the Global Fund’s Quality Improvement and Leadership and Management project so that health workers have the skills to provide the right care to the right people at

Hope to Tailor a Bright Future: Gloria’s Story 

Before I joined DREAMS, I wasn’t doing anything. I was a dropout due to the lack of financial support from my parents. I live in Juba with my parents and my brother, but he just drinks alcohol and doesn’t help us…. I just decided to stay at home, but when I turned 18, I got