Preventing Malaria in Pregnancy

Preventing Malaria in Pregnancy

Ndengelwa, Kenya—Sarah Naisambu was depressed. After experiencing two miscarriages, the young mother blamed herself for not seeking out antenatal care (ANC) services early in both pregnancies—thereby missing out on comprehensive health services and support tailored to meet the needs of expectant mothers, including prevention, diagnosis and treatment of malaria. Living in Bungoma County, an area

Pre-elimination Activities Are Saving Lives in Rwanda

Three miles and two mountains away from the Mataba Health Center lives a family whose remote locale proves just how far health care workers in Rwanda will go to find a case of malaria. Sitting in his unlit house, a cow mooing in the background and rain pounding on the roof, Fabien Nsengiyumva told the

Born Premature and Unresponsive, Today Triplets Are Healthy!

Apapai, Uganda—I walked into the Eastern Ugandan health clinic in the late morning, just as Susan Nabwire delivered her first baby. Nurse-midwife Christine Apio, who was attending to her, was ready for the first newborn, despite the baby’s arrival nearly two months early.