A New Approach to Reduce Neonatal Deaths:  

A New Approach to Reduce Neonatal Deaths:  

  Laili Harkita’s pregnancy was a tough one. When she finally gave birth at 36 weeks, her baby weighed just 1,900 grams, or four pounds. Jhpiego-trained midwives at Alia Hospital, a private maternity facility in South Jakarta, Indonesia, cared for the newborn, following strict infection prevention protocols. The midwives taught Laili to hold the infant

On the Front Lines of Primary Health Care 

A day in the life of a nurse and community health officer in Nagaland, India By Krithika Murali, Katherine Seaton, and Kritika Gupta with support from Ojungsangla Longkumer At 9 a.m., the Mopungchuket Health and Wellness Center in Nagaland, India, opens its doors and Nurse and Community Health Officer Rongsenlila Pongen and her dedicated team

Strengthening India’s Labs:  

To prepare for and help prevent the next pandemic, global health leaders assert that countries need well-equipped laboratories and experts who are capable of detecting dangerous pathogens and new variants in time to respond. These labs need to be capable of genome sequencing—a technology that determines the DNA or RNA sequence of an organism, enabling