A New Family Planning Leader

A New Family Planning Leader

Woman stands with four children

Dr. Vikas Kaushal knew he wasn’t cut out for a desk job. He also knew he’d found his place when he started working for Jhpiego in community medicine—a specialty that allows him to have a positive impact on large numbers of people.

Happy as he was to join Jhpiego and settle down to work in the Motihari district (with additional responsibilities in Saran district) in Bihar state in north-eastern India, he was caught off guard by the vast difference between what he had learned in classrooms and books and the reality of practicing community medicine in districts with some of the poorest health indicators in India.

Vaccination Efforts Boost Kids’ Health

Preventable childhood diseases are a major national health concern throughout Pakistan, where just slightly more than half of all children are fully immunized. Nowhere is the occurrence of measles, pneumonia and hepatitis B—to name just a few of the common illnesses—more glaring than in remote villages.