Promoting lifesaving vaccines for all ages. Integrating immunization with other essential health care services. Vaccinating to prevent disease, stop outbreaks and allow people to live without fear of a disease. Jhpiego’s expertise in immunization is based on 50 years of developing the health workforce and improving health service delivery. Our international partnerships and contributions to

Integrating Malaria Database into the National Health Management Information System (HMIS) – a Strategy to Improve Data Quality in Malaria Service Delivery

Burkina Faso

Jhpiego supports national malaria programmes (NMP) across 23 countries in sub-Saharan Africa to implement evidence-based malaria service delivery interventions in prevention, diagnosis, treatment, surveillance, monitoring and evaluation (SME). Priority interventions include insecticide-treated nets, intermittent preventive treatment in pregnancy (IPTp), seasonal malaria chemoprevention, malaria case management, and improving data recording and use at service delivery points

Community-Level Malaria Prevention Brings Relief in Burkina Faso

A woman receiving medication from a health care worker

In Sinaperedouo, a village in the Sud-Ouest region of Burkina Faso, 28-year-old Bibata and her husband Issa, a 33-year-old gold miner, are overjoyed because Bibata is expecting a third child—and relieved to know that, thanks to the Jhpiego-led Improving Malaria Care (IMC) project, she will be protected against malaria throughout her pregnancy. The IMC project