Learning and Performance for the 21st Century

Learning and Performance for the 21st Century

Applying evidence and leveraging technology to transform learning and performance Jhpiego has 50 years of expertise and a deep commitment to supporting governments in their efforts to build a fit-for-purpose health workforce for the 21st century. We’ve partnered with governments to strengthen pre-service education programs and to create national in-service training and/or continuous professional development

COVID-19 Response

Jhpiego promotes vaccination efforts across three continents. JHU Hosts a Real-Time Map of COVID-19’s Global Spread We are a proven leader in training vaccinators, community health workers and others supporting vaccination efforts and ensuring quality at vaccination sites to promote vaccine confidence. That’s why our teams are at the forefront of vaccine planning, introduction and scale-up

Community Health Workers Provide Needed Health Services in Cameroon

Mahelet Ritha, affectionately known as Maa-Ritha, is a community health worker (CHW) from Bongahele village in the South region of Cameroon. She is proud to be part of a network of CHWs bringing health care services directly to people in their communities, which are often far from a health facility. Maa-Ritha and her fellow CHWs