Strengthening Systems in Ethiopia

Strengthening Systems in Ethiopia

A legacy of equipped, empowered human resources for health – and lives saved. For six years, Jhpiego led the United States Agency for International Development’s Strengthening Resources for Health Project (2012-2018), which supported the Government of Ethiopia to sharply increase the number of skilled health workers, human resource managers and practices, and significantly improved the

HIV and HIV Testing, Care & Treatment, Prevention

Jhpiego, Malawi.

Lifesaving Care Delivered in the Community For more than 15 years, we have worked to reduce the global burden of HIV by testing people for HIV, circumcising males to reduce their chance of getting HIV, and supporting people on treatment. With an estimated 36.7 million people living with HIV worldwide, this work is more essential

Technical Focus in Family Planning

Reaching Each Rung of the Health Care Ladder We work to ensure access to—and use of—high-quality, safe and effective voluntary family planning. We work with individuals and communities to explain the variety of contraceptives and how they work, while addressing beliefs and behaviors around their availability and use. We support facilities and providers in efficiently