Learning and Performance for the 21st Century

Learning and Performance for the 21st Century

Applying evidence and leveraging technology to transform learning and performance Jhpiego has 50 years of expertise and a deep commitment to supporting governments in their efforts to build a fit-for-purpose health workforce for the 21st century. We’ve partnered with governments to strengthen pre-service education programs and to create national in-service training and/or continuous professional development


Promoting lifesaving vaccines for all ages. Integrating immunization with other essential health care services. Vaccinating to prevent disease, stop outbreaks and allow people to live without fear of a disease. Jhpiego’s expertise in immunization is based on 50 years of developing the health workforce and improving health service delivery. Our international partnerships and contributions to

Lesotho Nurses Win Trust during Pandemic

What do a Basotho couple—he, a parliamentarian, and she, a public health specialist in Lesotho’s Ministry of Health (MOH)—have in common with a nun in her mid-90s? More than a few things: All had COVID-19. All were hospitalized. All recovered. And all are praising the skills and dedication of the health care providers who treated