Linking Chronic Conditions and Maternal Death

Linking Chronic Conditions and Maternal Death


Ever since she started working as a midwife in 2008, Patricia Nwadike knew it was vital that she have the skills necessary to stop severe bleeding after childbirth. Then, as now, the top direct cause of maternal death in Nigeria, and across all of sub-Saharan Africa, was postpartum hemorrhage. However, global data indicate that a

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JHU Hosts a Real-Time Map of COVID-19’s Global Spread: For real-time, accurate information on global cases of COVID-19, including deaths and individuals recovered in affected countries, see the interactive map hosted by the Johns Hopkins University Center for Systems Science and Engineering. JHPIEGO’S LATEST COVID-19 UPDATES Tracking a Deadly Virus6.13.20 A Practical Guide for Service


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Reaching Impact, Saturation, and Epidemic Control Building local resilience to reduce HIV infection and reach those most at risk. RISE works with countries to achieve a shared vision of attaining and maintaining HIV epidemic control, with stronger local partners capable of managing and achieving results through sustainable, self-reliant and resilient health systems by 2024. RISE’s