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The Messenger Matters

Contact tracing works. But only when people answer the call, stay on the phone and comply with the guidance and instructions offered. New data indicate that isn’t happening as often as it should to tamp down the pandemic. What if Baltimoreans knew more about who was calling, and recognized the voices as neighbors, as friends?

Bhakti Hansoti Works Globally on Behalf of the Sick and Dying

Bhakti Hansoti

Bhakti Hansoti, a Johns Hopkins emergency medicine physician, brings a visceral understanding of COVID-19 to her work with Jhpiego, assessing and ensuring that health facilities across the world are equipped and ready to manage severely ill patients during the pandemic.   Hansoti, who was pregnant in March when she became ill with novel coronavirus, cautiously

Mobilizing Baltimore to Stop the Pandemic

Jhpiego is proud to be supporting the Baltimore City Health Department in its broad response to COVID-19 with case investigation and contact tracing, which involves the provision of training, implementation, quality assurance, and monitoring and evaluation. The innovative centerpiece of this response—which the city and its partners, including Jhpiego, intend to be a model for