Unnoticed but Vital

Unnoticed but Vital

Training in Pakistan

Allah Ditta, an ambulance driver in Islamabad, has worked overtime for months, ferrying patients to one of many quarantine facilities set up across Pakistan’s capital to mitigate the spread of COVID-19. Likewise, Abdul Majeed, an attendant at a quarantine facility, is working around the clock to ensure that the facility stayed clean and biomedical waste

Technical Focus in Family Planning

Reaching Each Rung of the Health Care Ladder We work to ensure access to—and use of—high-quality, safe and effective voluntary family planning. We work with individuals and communities to explain the variety of contraceptives and how they work, while addressing beliefs and behaviors around their availability and use. We support facilities and providers in efficiently

Health Workforce

Young midwife in uniform.

Building Local Capacity to Meet Local Needs Worldwide health priorities, such as ending the HIV epidemic and reducing maternal and newborn deaths and deaths from malaria, require not only hiring more health workers, but also training them to meet their country’s health needs. In 2017, we educated more than 275,200 health care workers—creating a lifeline