COVID-19 Response

COVID-19 Response

Jhpiego promotes vaccination efforts across three continents. JHU Hosts a Real-Time Map of COVID-19’s Global Spread We are a proven leader in training vaccinators, community health workers and others supporting vaccination efforts and ensuring quality at vaccination sites to promote vaccine confidence. That’s why our teams are at the forefront of vaccine planning, introduction and scale-up

When Competent Midwives Lead, Women and Babies Survive

Miswaki Village, Tanzania—When her water broke, Helena Paschal was alone at home. Although her due date was several weeks away, she knew the labor was real. “I felt a sharp pain around my waist. I sensed the baby was coming,” she recalled. There was no time to call a neighbor or do anything but just

A Lifesaving Technique in Safe Surgery Project

Kagera, Kagondo – During the last month of her pregnancy, Zainab Abas visited Kagondo Hospital and learned from an ultrasound that she was having twins. One was head down, but the other was in the breech position, bottom down. Initially shocked, she was counseled about delivery by cesarean section, often necessary for breech babies, and