When Women Bare Arms to Prevent Pregnancy, They Should Not Feel Stuck

When Women Bare Arms to Prevent Pregnancy, They Should Not Feel Stuck

The demand for contraceptive implants is up, with more women getting the long-acting protection that they want. This means, of course, that there’s going to be a greater need for providers who are confidently able to remove the tiny, thin rods, about the size of a matchstick, when women decide that they want them removed.

Born Premature and Unresponsive, Today Triplets Are Healthy!

Apapai, Uganda—I walked into the Eastern Ugandan health clinic in the late morning, just as Susan Nabwire delivered her first baby. Nurse-midwife Christine Apio, who was attending to her, was ready for the first newborn, despite the baby’s arrival nearly two months early.

Jhpiego Captures Top Awards in Global Health Innovations Competition; JHU Students’ Efforts to Reduce Deaths of Women, Newborns Recognized As Outstanding

Newborn wrapped in a blanket

Seattle, Washington—Jhpiego’s three low-cost, innovative global health projects designed to help save the lives of women and newborns won top awards this weekend at the prestigious Saving Lives at Birth: A Grand Challenge for Development competition. The trio of award-winning projects, including a device engineered through Jhpiego’s partnership with the Johns Hopkins Center for Bioengineering