World Malaria Day 2013: Simple Interventions Save Lives

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What is Malaria?

Malaria, an infectious disease transmitted by mosquitoes, is one of the most serious public health problems globally. Every year, there are 247 million cases of malaria worldwide and nearly 800,000 deaths; 90% of these cases occur in Africa.

Pregnant women and their newborn children are particularly vulnerable to the disease. Eighty-five percent of all deaths from malaria are among children under five. In Africa, around 10,000 pregnant women and up to 200,000 infants die as a result of malaria infection during pregnancy.

What Jhpiego Is Doing?

Jhpiego stands as a committed partner of the RBM Partnership to fight malaria worldwide and achieve Millennium Development Goals 4, 5 and 6—reduce malaria morbidity and mortality by half as well as reduce child mortality and improve maternal health. Jhpiego supports efforts worldwide to ensure that pregnant women and their unborn babies are safe from the harmful impact of malaria. Jhpiego’s approach addresses malaria prevention and control comprehensively across the health “continuum of care,” from the community to health facility to national level. Jhpiego also support countries to ensure that young children and adults, in addition to pregnant women, are receiving prevention and treatment for malaria.

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