Saving Lives.
Improving Health.
Transforming Futures.

Every day, thousands of women, children and men die of preventable causes: cervical cancer, malaria, HIV, and complications from pregnancy and childbirth. We bring lifesaving care to those who need it the most. We make the world better, today and tomorrow. Together with governments, private partners and you—we transform communities and countries, from reviving the smallest, newest life, to attacking the most pressing health problems the world has ever faced.

We are experts.

We translate five decades of experience into moments of care that mean the difference between life and death. The moment a woman gives birth. The moment a midwife helps a baby breathe. The moment a community health worker tells a man he is HIV-free. That’s why we’ve been called the gold standard of technical expertise. But we don’t take ourselves too seriously. Don’t believe us? We’ll let Will, Amy and Jordan convince you.

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We are diverse.

As one of the most gender-equal organizations in global health, we promote gender equity not only within our programs but also within our organization. Currently, 45% of Jhpiego’s global senior management is female. Moreover, from country to country our staff reflect the cultural and racial diversity of the populations we serve. We believe that each country knows best how to help its people and achieve its goals. We listen, and we support their efforts by sharing the most up-to-date knowledge and technology that helps them lead for generations to come. We put our clients in the driver’s seat. That’s how we build resilient communities.

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We are trailblazing.

Whether we’re pioneering a new way of thinking and doing to bring safe surgery to the billions worldwide who lack it or blazing a literal trail through mountains and valleys to reach the hardest to reach, we are relentless. We push for equality—ensuring women are equal partners in health and life. We innovate constantly—leading flagship partnerships to serve millions with health care they’ve never had before, building evidence to forge new policy and revolutionizing health services in communities worldwide.

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We are undaunted.

Too many people think the problems we face are insurmountable. But not us, and not you. You want every woman to give birth with a skilled, respectful midwife at her side. You look forward to the day when anyone can visit their local health provider for the primary health care they deserve. You know every child can be delivered HIV-free, live malaria-free, attain an education and reach their dreams. You believe in youth entrepreneurs, nurse-leaders and never saying “impossible.” We do too.

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We are partners.

In 1973, Jhpiego was founded at Johns Hopkins University. That year, we partnered with the US Agency for International Development to bring reproductive health breakthroughs to the world. Today, our US-based and international partners are public and private organizations, thought leaders, pioneers and visionaries. From then to now, some things have remained constant: the trust we enjoy together and our unwavering commitment to improving the health of women and families. That’s why we still work side by side with USAID, enjoy decades long partnerships with global groups and steward new relationships from east to west. We are, all of us, stronger together.

We’re stronger together. Here’s how.