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Global Citizens are individuals around the world who, like Jhpiego, believe that health is a human right. At Jhpiego, Global Citizens contribute to the global community in two important ways.

Global Circle

By committing to a recurring gift, Global Circle members provide a steady base of support for our lifesaving work. A gift at any level—even $10 per month—can add up to a big impact over time.


  • Your monthly gift of $10 can screen 24 women or girls annually for cervical cancer, saving them from a preventable death.
  • Your monthly gift of $50 can provide hundreds of health workers annually with mobile devices to track patient care.
  • Your monthly gift of $100 can provide 420 new moms annually with family planning counseling and a family planning method.
  • Your monthly gift of $250 can pay for 12 mini refrigerators annually, so that facilities in rural regions can store vaccines and other medications safely.
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Friends of Jhpiego

Friends of Jhpiego show their commitment to healthy women and families by making an annual gift of $1,000 or more. These gifts, made in installments throughout the year or as a one-time gift each year, have far-reaching impact in the communities we serve.


  • Your gift of $1,000 will provide bicycles for 10 community health workers, allowing them to reach families who might otherwise not receive care.
  • Your gift of $5,000 will provide medicine to 1,000 pregnant women to prevent them from dying of malaria.
  • A gift of $10,000 can support a specific project, such as renovating a clinic, training a cadre of nurses to provide lifesaving care or providing mosquito nets to an entire community.
  • Since its inception, Jhpiego has championed innovative ideas—from a cost-effective approach to identify and treat cervical cancer in a single visit, to a protective suit for health care workers treating Ebola patients. Your gift of $25,000 will support our Innovation Fund, allowing Jhpiego to continue to advance new interventions into efficient and effective solutions that transform futures.
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Cara Moreno

‘WHERE a woman lives should not determine IF she lives.’ This simple quote moves and inspires me to stay connected to Jhpiego’s work. I am so fortunate to have been born in a country with incredible health care including access to reproductive education. I feel a calling to do whatever I can to help our sisters in Asia and Africa, where Jhpiego does most of its work, to access the same.

Cara Moreno, Jhpiego Board of Advisors

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