Translating Ideas into Impact

Innovations produce positive health outcomes for more people, faster, better, more affordably and sustainably.

Our goal is to reach more people with innovative health solutions. To do this, our multidisciplinary teams employ empathy, design thinking, data analytics, and business, clinical and public health strategies and approaches to solve problems.

Jhpiego translates ideas into impact. Our active presence on the global public health stage enables us to bridge multiple domains. We can leverage our knowledge and understanding of public health, technology, business/market analysis and program implementation throughout the process of conceptualizing, refining, piloting and scaling up innovations.

For five decades, Jhpiego has introduced evidence-based innovations into global public health interventions to improve the lives of women, children and families. We have done this by “bending the curve,” closing gaps in coverage, quality and equity.

Better Together

Group antenatal care not only helped Ruth form friendships with other new moms and ensure that she got the proper care, it also engaged new dad Peter in the process!

Read Ruth and Peter’s story

How We Make an Impact

In recent years we have:

  • Developed an improved personal protective suit for frontline health workers in Ebola outbreaks, in collaboration with the Johns Hopkins University Center for Bioengineering Innovation and Design, Clinvue, and DuPont.
  • Created new approaches and training methodologies to improve and sustain critical obstetric and newborn care skills among health care providers, including Helping Mothers Survive, a facility- and simulation-based suite of training modules.
  • Built the leadership and clinical capacity of district-level surgical teams in Ethiopia and Tanzania as a lead partner of the GE Foundation-supported Safe Surgery 2020 initiative.
  • Leveraged technologies by working with partners to create devices such as the ePartograph, which enhances providers’ ability to use data to monitor the stages of labor.
  • Leveraging our global expertise in scaling up programs to inform the earliest design and development processes
  • Selecting and developing new processes, programs and service delivery models through iterative design processes and rigorous evaluation
  • Studying public health trends and identifying and testing new approaches to reduce preventable deaths in areas such as cervical cancer, breast health and surgery
  • Creating catalytic partnerships to accelerate introduction and scale-up of promising solutions with private- and public-sector entities
  • Developing market intelligence to optimize the economic and programmatic sustainability of new solutions
  • Identifying program platforms and implementation strategies for new and existing technologies
  • Convening multidisciplinary expertise throughout the design and implementation cycle
  • Engaging diverse stakeholders early and frequently to understand needs and develop new or improve existing solutions
  • Strengthening human-centered design expertise across all our offices
  • Conducting modeling and data analytics to improve goal setting, resource allocation and planning to identify high-impact interventions
  • Harnessing private-sector approaches and business models to accelerate scale-up of Sustainable Development Goals
  • Integrating implementation of innovations to assist governments in achieving Sustainable Development Goals
  • Shaping markets to strengthen the complex systems needed to support lifesaving solutions

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