The malaria vaccine RTS,S is a new tool in the malaria prevention toolkit, says Dr. Christopher Morgan, Jhpiego’s technical director for immunization. This eagerly awaited vaccine is expected to spur huge strides in the global fight against malaria as it’s rolled out in up to 20 countries this year.

“With more than 5 billion doses of RTS,S followed closely without raising safety concerns, the demonstrations have shown the vaccine to be safe and effective, so now it’s ready for scale-up,” says Morgan. “We’ve seen a 30% reduction in severe malaria needing hospital care.”

RTS,S is being rolled out faster than previous vaccines in lower income countries, thanks to a partnership between Gavi, the World Health Organization and UNICEF. “Without Gavi and UNICEF working together, this would have been a vaccine for travelers for the next 20 years before eventually poorer countries would have been able to introduce it,” adds Morgan.

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