Standing by Women and their Right to Health Care

Standing by Women and their Right to Health Care

Baltimore, Md. (June 24, 2022)—The decision today by the U.S. Supreme Court overturning a woman’s right to safe abortion care undermines what Jhpiego has been working toward since our founding—the right of a woman wherever she lives to be at the center of her care and in charge of her sexual and reproductive health. Through

Dr. Leslie Mancuso Receives 2021 Maryland Governor’s Leadership Award

BALTIMORE, MD – Governor Larry Hogan, alongside the World Trade Center Institute (WTCI), the Maryland Department of Commerce, and business leaders from around the state today presented Dr. Leslie Mancuso, the President and CEO of Jhpiego, with the 2021 Governor’s Award in recognition of her sustained leadership in global health and support of the state’s

Zero-dose children

An estimated 17 million children did not receive a single vaccine to prevent disease in 2020. These children, known as “zero-dose children,” are more likely to suffer from illness and die. A majority of these children live in vulnerable and hard-to-reach communities that lack health services. While efforts to reach these children with vaccines for such