Keeping Children Fever and Malaria Free in Burkina Faso

Keeping Children Fever and Malaria Free in Burkina Faso

Woman and infant

Valentine, her four-year-old son Ernest in tow, made her way to her local health center in the village of Tovor in the Sud-Ouest region of Burkina Faso. On this cool morning in the Harmattan season, characterized by dry and dusty trade winds, she needed to see the nurse. After welcoming Valentine, the nurse asked the

Technical Focus in Family Planning

Reaching Each Rung of the Health Care Ladder We work to ensure access to—and use of—high-quality, safe and effective voluntary family planning. We work with individuals and communities to explain the variety of contraceptives and how they work, while addressing beliefs and behaviors around their availability and use. We support facilities and providers in efficiently

Moms & Malaria

Elyse and Jacqueline don’t know each other, but they live in the same region, see the same midwife and struggle with something all too common in their community: malaria.