A Double Savings 

A Double Savings 


Providing postpartum family planning services to women immediately after birth results in significant savings for every dollar invested in the lifesaving intervention, a cost-benefit analysis by Jhpiego found.  The analysis, conducted in Indonesia to address financial barriers to private facilities providing postpartum family planning (PPFP), showed an estimated $70 saved for every $1 invested. The

Global Health Security

Building Resilient Health Systems for a Safer World Strong public health systems not only enable families and communities to thrive, but also help to ensure stable economies and countries. Jhpiego works with governments and other stakeholders to strengthen health systems and the policies and legislation that support them, so that countries can prevent, detect and

Learning and Performance for the 21st Century

Applying evidence and leveraging technology to transform learning and performance Jhpiego has 50 years of expertise and a deep commitment to supporting governments in their efforts to build a fit-for-purpose health workforce for the 21st century. We’ve partnered with governments to strengthen pre-service education programs and to create national in-service training and/or continuous professional development