A Double Savings 

A Double Savings 


Providing postpartum family planning services to women immediately after birth results in significant savings for every dollar invested in the lifesaving intervention, a cost-benefit analysis by Jhpiego found.  The analysis, conducted in Indonesia to address financial barriers to private facilities providing postpartum family planning (PPFP), showed an estimated $70 saved for every $1 invested. The


Promoting lifesaving vaccines for all ages. Integrating immunization with other essential health care services. Vaccinating to prevent disease, stop outbreaks and allow people to live without fear of a disease. Jhpiego’s expertise in immunization is based on 50 years of developing the health workforce and improving health service delivery. Our international partnerships and contributions to

MOMENTUM announces project to save mothers and newborns in Indonesia

Mother holding newborn

Despite concerted efforts, high maternal and newborn mortality remains an intractable problem in Indonesia. Two mothers and eight newborns die every hour in the country. The Government of Indonesia is committed to saving the lives of mothers and their babies and improving their access to quality care. USAID’s flagship program MOMENTUM is collaborating with the