HIV Technical

Jhpiego, Malawi.

Lifesaving Care Delivered in the Community For almost 20 years, we have worked to reduce the global burden of HIV by testing people for HIV, supporting people on treatment, circumcising males to reduce their chance of getting HIV and offering oral pre-exposure prophylaxis to people at risk. With nearly 38 million people living with HIV

Global Health Security

Building Resilient Health Systems for a Safer World Strong public health systems not only enable families and communities to thrive, but also help to ensure stable economies and countries. Jhpiego works with governments and other stakeholders to strengthen health systems and the policies and legislation that support them, so that countries can prevent, detect and

Meet Gathari Ndirangu

Dr. Gathari Ndirangu

When Dr. Gathari Ndirangu first started seeing patients early in his career as a physician in rural Kenya, he cared for a woman who labored for three days with a difficult pregnancy before she could get to the nearest hospital. By then, her unborn baby had died and her own life was in danger. He