Learning and Performance for the 21st Century

Learning and Performance for the 21st Century

Applying evidence and leveraging technology to transform learning and performance Jhpiego has 50 years of expertise and a deep commitment to supporting governments in their efforts to build a fit-for-purpose health workforce for the 21st century. We’ve partnered with governments to strengthen pre-service education programs and to create national in-service training and/or continuous professional development

Midwives Support Self-Care

Devoted to partnering with women—to being “with women,” which is the very meaning of midwife—midwives are keen to showcase the ways in which their role upholds and promotes self-care. The connection between health care providers, such as midwives, and self-care may not be immediately apparent if one sees self-care as separate or in opposition to

Honoring Molly Sims and Scott Stuber, What to Expect advocates Heidi and Erik Murkoff

LOS ANGELES, CA. (June 10, 2021)–Actress-advocate Molly Sims and her husband, Scott Stuber, Global Head of Netflix Films, and Heidi Murkoff, author and creator of What to Expect When You’re Expecting, the world’s most popular pregnancy and parenting brand, and her husband and life partner, Erik, turned the spotlight on parents worldwide who face agonizing