A Dose in Time to Prevent Malaria

It rains a lot in Diébougou in the Sud-Ouest region of Burkina Faso. This means that malaria transmission occurs throughout the year in this West African country, but it’s especially high during the peak season, which runs from June to October, increasing the importance of community-based health care. From the health facility in Diébougou, the

A New Beginning 

As a youngster in Kenya, Mary Wambua was different. Children stayed away from her.   “When my friends were going to school and playing together—I was on my own. They said I smelled and didn’t want to get close to me,” says Mary Wambua, 48.   Mary had a fistula—an abnormal passage between the bladder and vagina

Meeting the Reproductive Health Needs of Youth in Uganda 

In early 2020, the Government of Uganda declared a lockdown with strict measures due to the COVID-19 pandemic; schools closed for 22 months.   “Closed schools meant two things—no learning and teenage pregnancies,” says Teddy Kevin Nabuzale, a psychosocial support counselor with Mbale Youth Group. In some districts in Uganda, teenage pregnancies increased by 30%–50%