Quality Emergency Health Care for Mom and Baby — Even on a Boat in a Rain Storm 

Isaiah’s birth day is one his mother will never forget.  Rain was falling on her island home in Lake Bangweulu when Linda Bwembya’s labor pains began. She sought care at the local health center, where she fully expected to give birth as she had with her first child. But a Jhpiego-trained nurse examined Linda and realized the


Nurse-midwives Use Ultrasounds to Improve Maternal Care in Rural Malawi

Blantyre, Malawi — “Fifteen years on the job and I still cannot get over the joy upon hearing that first cry of a newborn baby followed by the relief from a mother and jubilation from family members after a successful delivery,” says Pauline Jalisi, a nurse-midwife in Malawi.  But the journey to jubilation is often


Integrated Malaria Dashboard Enhances Data Use for Decision-Making

Abdallah Hamisi noticed a troubling trend at Raha Leo health center in Zanzibar, where he has been a laboratory technician for nine years. He is responsible for identifying the presence of malaria infection in patient blood samples and providing that information to health care providers so they can decide what treatment to offer to help

Digital dashboard in Zanzibar

Lab Technicians Learn to Identify Multiple Malaria Species with Microscopes

The World Health Organization recommends that all patients who are suspected of having malaria be promptly diagnosed by microscopy or a rapid diagnostic test before being treated. Year after year, the Tanda Health Center, nestled in the hills of Gicumbi District in the Northern Province of Rwanda, saw a rise in cases of patients suffering

Malaria lab tech Rwanda

Every Outbreak a Lesson:

As a medical doctor with training and hands-on experience in infectious disease surveillance and emergency response, Ibrahim Seriki is the expert you need when developing a health plan for international borders—a critical but neglected area in global health security. After several years as a hospital-based physician, Dr. Seriki wanted to expand his impact from individuals

Global health security

Empowering Health Information Officers: Joseph’s Journey to Improving Malaria Care in Ghana 

In the fight against malaria, accurate reporting of data is essential to improve the quality of care. Accurate data helps keep shelves stocked with lifesaving drugs and supplies so that health workers have what they need to care for their clients. Joseph Boye-Doe, a deputy regional health information officer in the Greater Accra Region of


Defeating Tuberculosis in Lesotho Requires Tracing and Trekking  

Loosening TB’s grip on Lesotho—where the airborne respiratory disease remains a leading cause of death—means more than treating those who show up at clinics and hospitals with symptoms of the contagion.  Ending TB by 2030 in this mountainous kingdom as well as throughout the world—the objective declared in the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals—depends on


Peers Partner to Use Data to Solve Problems, Improve Health Care in Northern Nigeria

Poor quality of care is killing people. Conventional approaches to improve care have not been effective. To reverse this, Jhpiego is working with ministries of health in five countries in Africa through the Global Fund’s Quality Improvement and Leadership and Management project so that health workers have the skills to provide the right care to the right people at


What Good is a Pill, If There is No Will?

Health records revealed that Roger* had been missing his appointments at the clinic in Fort Portal in western Uganda, a region with high HIV prevalence.  His mood, which was beyond sad, hinted as to why Roger was not showing up for antiretroviral therapy. If taken regularly, the medication can suppress HIV to an undetectable level


Addressing a Short Supply of Oxygen is a Long-Term Gain

Cape Coast, Ghana –– Medical oxygen has never been easy to come by in Ghana. In early 2020, the country was experiencing a shortage of oxygen supplies. Oxygen canisters were hard to find and expensive when they could be found at all. And then COVID-19 arrived, expanding the number of people who were experiencing respiratory

Oxygen treatment, Jhpiego

Women are at the Center of Respectful Maternity Care  

I want to take you on a journey. It begins in the busiest maternity hospital in Delhi more than 30 years ago, when as a young doctor, I was horrified at what I saw. It ends in the present day, in a small health center in Sierra Leone, where I watched midwives deliver respectful, quality

Sierra Leone, Jhpiego

Moving Toward Cervical Cancer Elimination 

Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso – On a routine visit to her local health care provider, Martine Zoundi learned for the first time about the importance of getting screened for cervical cancer, especially for women who, like her, are living with HIV. The visit coincided with a World Cancer Day event sponsored by a nearby teaching hospital.  


Jhpiego’s 2022 Annual Gala

LOS ANGELES, CA  – More than 400 people celebrated Jhpiego’s half a century of saving lives worldwide at its annual gala Monday that honored filmmaker Shawn Levy and his wife, Serena, and comedian Hasan Minhaj and his wife, Dr. Beena Patel Minhaj, for their commitment to quality health care for all. Dr. Leslie Mancuso, Jhpiego’s


Crossing the Last Mile in Sierra Leone

Gibrilla Sillah knows what it’s like to be sick. The 35-year-old routinely felt achy and fatigued; he had headaches and mouth sores. So, earlier this year, he went to a nearby clinic in Lungi, Sierra Leone, where the doctor examined and tested him. Sillah learned the cause of his symptoms: he had tested positive for


Jhpiego Supports Countries in Crisis

When Cyclone Idai roiled through Mozambique a few years ago, Jhpiego country staff worked with the government and other partners to help contain a cholera outbreak in the most affected areas of Sofala Province. In response to the recent flooding in Pakistan, Jhpiego quickly mobilized our teams, and in coordination with the Ministry of Health,


Jhpiego to Present Global Humanitarian Award to Shawn and Serena Levy

LOS ANGELES, CA – It’s no strange(r) thing that philanthropists Shawn and Serena Levy will be taking center stage alongside comedian Hasan Minhaj and Dr. Beena Patel Minhaj at the Laughter Is the Best Medicine 2022 gala on Monday, December 5, at the Beverly Wilshire, hosted by global health nonprofit Jhpiego. An extraordinary storyteller and


Community Engagement Increases COVID Vaccination Rates in Tanzania 

Chamwino, Tanzania — It took a home visit from a community health worker for Christine Matinya, a mother of four, to overcome the misinformation and doubts she had about the COVID vaccine.    “Previously, I heard that the vaccine causes one to get crippled. I also heard that a woman would not be able to conceive

Covid vaccine

Using Football Bonanzas to Kick Up Demand for VMMC in Malawi 

Lilongwe, Malawi–When the Mdulidwe Stars take the football field, there’s more at stake than scoring goals. In the Chichewa language, the team’s name means Circumcision Stars and several players will spend halftime explaining to the crowd the health benefits of voluntary medical male circumcision, or VMMC. Richard Mvula, a well-known football player in the Mitundu


A community health worker’s ambition—save the lives of mothers and babies 

Kenge, Democratic Republic of the Congo—In rural Makiala village in southwestern Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), young mothers often lived alone or with their grandmothers while their husbands or partners left to seek work in the city. Pregnant women preferred to give birth at home or elsewhere due to a lack of medical supplies

Clinic DRC

Jhpiego Awarded Unitaid Project to Catalyze Adoption and Scale-Up of Drugs for Postpartum Hemorrhage

August 16, 2022 Baltimore, MD—Jhpiego, a global leader in maternal health care, has been chosen to lead a new $18.5 million project funded by Unitaid that will inform how countries can introduce and accelerate use of key drugs to prevent and treat life-threatening bleeding after birth. The Accelerating Measurable Progress and Leveraging Investments for Postpartum