Integrating Malaria Database into the National Health Management Information System (HMIS) – a Strategy to Improve Data Quality in Malaria Service Delivery

Jhpiego supports national malaria programmes (NMP) across 23 countries in sub-Saharan Africa to implement evidence-based malaria service delivery interventions in prevention, diagnosis, treatment, surveillance, monitoring and evaluation (SME). Priority interventions include insecticide-treated nets, intermittent preventive treatment in pregnancy (IPTp), seasonal malaria chemoprevention, malaria case management, and improving data recording and use at service delivery points

Burkina Faso

Antenatal Care Outreach Improves the Lives of Pregnant Women

Long distances between homes and health facilities made it nearly impossible for pregnant women in some areas of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) to receive the care they needed to protect themselves and their unborn babies from malaria. That’s where community health workers (CHWs), supported by the Transforming Intermittent Preventive Treatment (IPTp) for


TIPTOP-Trained Lay Community Counselors Promote Actions for an Optimal Pregnancy

Nineteen-year-old Diolista João is a mother of four living in the Maririmo community in Meconta District, Mozambique. During her first three pregnancies, João only visited the health facility for an initial antenatal care (ANC) consultation to get a prenatal booklet and mosquito net, and then gave birth at home. All three children were low birthweight


Peer Educators: A Key to Ending HIV

As a peer educator for the Jhpiego-supported Gateway Project in Malawi, John Banda* spends nights and weekends scouting Ngabu area bars, sports fields and other community venues, looking to help men in need of HIV prevention or treatment services.   Drawing on his own experience as a gay person living with HIV who, since 2017, has benefited from antiretroviral therapy (ART), the 34-year-old is publicly open and insistent about knowing one’s serostatus and seeking lifesaving care. With homosexuality against the law in his country, John’s work is sensitive.  The aim of this work is preventing and reducing the transmission of HIV, particularly in key


Spotlight: Liberia

When Emma Vah, 40, visited the Careysburg clinic in Montserrado County, Liberia, for antenatal care, she received comprehensive quality services related to the prevention of malaria in pregnancy (MIP).   Malaria is endemic in her country, with transmission occurring year-round, and pregnant women like her are at great risk of severe disease and death. Intermittent preventive treatment in pregnancy (IPTp) is recommended to prevent the adverse outcomes of malaria for mothers and their unborn children. However, uptake of this intervention has

Antenatal care

Preventing HIV amid the Pandemic

Cape Town, South Africa – Nurse Nomajama Nomnganga dons the gloves and apron she’ll wear during the first circumcision surgery of the day. On the other side of the surgical bed, Nokuzola Dyonase, also a professional nurse trained to do minor surgery, arranges sterile forceps, needles and gauze. For this pair of nurses at Jhpiego’s

HIV Awareness

A Decade of Progress

ExxonMobil Foundation’s 10-year partnership with Jhpiego in Chad and Cameroon began as an inspired effort to prevent malaria in pregnant women in three small districts along the petroleum pipeline. Over the decade, the initial project grew in scope and success. Health workers in key areas improved their skills to prevent and treat malaria, community education


A Pandemic Delivery in Central Kenya: It’s Less Complicated Now

Waiting at Waita Joyce Makasi was in the midst of a perfect storm of pregnancy and pandemic. She was in labor, growing weak, and in need of a cesarean delivery. Daunting and dangerous as that situation might be in normal times for any woman living in in central Kenya’s Kitui Province, Joyce’s predicament was further


Meet Dr. T — An Advocate for Aligning Women’s Sexual and Reproductive Health

In between tweeting with teens, seeing patients at her Johannesburg clinic and carrying out her mandate as Special Rapporteur on the right to health as appointed by the United Nations (UN) Human Rights Office of the High Commissioner, Dr. Tlaleng Mofokeng wrote a book—Dr. T: A Guide to Sexual Health & Pleasure—that one grateful reader


Global Health Security: Prevent, Detect, Respond

COVID-19 exposed a truth that infectious disease experts like Jhpiego’s Stacie Stender have been warning about for a long time: The world was not ready for a pandemic. Alarmingly, this is not the first, but in fact the seventh coronavirus documented in the last 50-plus years to spread from human to human, she notes. It


Operation Triple Zero Promotes Positive Action for Youth Living with HIV

The adolescent stage of life is often associated with physical and emotional stresses, which can be even more challenging for adolescents living with HIV. Adolescents (ages 10–19) and young persons (ages 15–24) living with HIV (AYPLHIV) often have to contend with the fear and stigma associated with their diagnosis, often without adequate support from their


Meet Pandora Hardtman

When Jhpiego’s new chief nursing and midwifery officer reminisces about her earliest influences, a kindly, senior midwife comes to mind.   Her name was Iris, says Dr. Pandora Hardtman. She wore a blue uniform.   Navy blue, Hardtman clarifies. Dark and stark. Not like the almost iridescent iris shade of dress (and matching lipstick) that Hardtman happens to be wearing today during a Zoom meet-and-greet with Jhpiego colleagues.   And not like the shimmering turquoise of the sea that surrounds the pink sand island of Bermuda where midwives like Iris were a mainstay in bustling health department offices, full of people seeking


When Competent Midwives Lead, Women and Babies Survive

Miswaki Village, Tanzania—When her water broke, Helena Paschal was alone at home. Although her due date was several weeks away, she knew the labor was real. “I felt a sharp pain around my waist. I sensed the baby was coming,” she recalled. There was no time to call a neighbor or do anything but just


Community Health Workers Provide Needed Health Services in Cameroon

Mahelet Ritha, affectionately known as Maa-Ritha, is a community health worker (CHW) from Bongahele village in the South region of Cameroon. She is proud to be part of a network of CHWs bringing health care services directly to people in their communities, which are often far from a health facility. Maa-Ritha and her fellow CHWs


Community Health Workers Keep Pregnant Women Safe from Malaria

Solange, a 39-year-old mother living in Tsarakianja in the District of Mananjary, Madagascar, did not understand the importance of seeking antenatal care (ANC) at a health facility during her first three pregnancies, so she did not receive the recommended medicines to protect her and her baby from malaria. During her third pregnancy, Solange contracted severe


Nebbi General Hospital’s NICU Makeover

In the Nebbi General Hospital’s renovated neonatal intensive care unit (NICU), Dr. Jackline Akello hovers over incubators, attending to the newborns who were born too soon and need specialized care. Mothers sit on benches and straw mats in a nearby waiting room, the access door is locked to prevent unauthorized visits and reduce chances of

Renovated hospital in Uganda

Eliminating Cervical Cancer in Namibia

Women living near the Otjimuhaka Clinic in the Kunene region of Namibia would have to travel 93 miles (150 km) along a gravel road to reach a health facility that provided cervical cancer prevention and treatment services. But not anymore. Today, with support from Jhpiego, a visiting nurse at the two-room clinic screens women for


Jhpiego Partnership Sends 460,000 Face Shields to Health Care Workers

Global health leader Jhpiego, in collaboration with aerospace technology company Lighter Than Air (LTA), is providing 460,000 face shields for the personal protection of nurses, doctors, midwives and other frontline workers around the world during the COVID-19 pandemic. Having worked for four decades to save lives, improve health and transform futures in many of the


Transforming Children’s Futures in Cameroon through Quality Malaria Care

Parents worldwide want to keep their children from harm. In Cameroon, this means being vigilant about signs of malaria in children and ensuring that they can get to a health facility equipped to provide the necessary care. Malaria, the leading cause of morbidity and mortality in the country, is particularly dangerous for children. It’s only

Monitoring poster

Nursing Skills Learned through PMI Prove Decisive during Pandemic

Within weeks of the first Covid-19 cases being confirmed in Ghana in March, Community Health Officer (CHO) Gertrude Doku was alarmed by the lack of clients seeking preventive, treatment and referral services for malaria at the Tinkong Community-Based Health Planning and Services (CHPS) Compound. Having worked for five years at the compound, which serves about