A Community Health Worker’s Ambition: Prevent malaria in pregnant women

Kenge, Democratic Republic of the Congo—In rural Makiala village in southwestern Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), young mothers often lived alone or with their grandmothers while their husbands or partners left to seek work in the city. Pregnant women preferred to give birth at home or elsewhere due to a lack of medical supplies


From Data to Action: Using Dashboards to Improve Family Planning Services

During the COVID-19 pandemic, many global health programs experienced delays and setbacks in collecting data; however, we know that data can only be used to inform programs if properly collected and analyzed in a timely manner. In three Jhpiego-supported countries implementing family planning programs—Indonesia, Guinea and Kenya—the creation of data dashboards enabled the teams to


A new vision to transform family planning

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused tremendous upheaval to health systems, disrupting access to family planning information and services. But despite this disruption, the need for family planning remains the same. Family planning is a critical health service that hundreds of millions of women and their partners rely on or want to access. Out of the 923 million


Bringing COVID-19 Vaccinations to South Africa’s Most Vulnerable Communities

CAPE TOWN, South Africa – Nurse Nozipho Magubane wipes down plastic chairs and sets them up in a bright corridor at Makhaza Mall. She is preparing to open the Jhpiego-supported pop-up COVID-19 vaccination site in Khayelitsha, a poor neighborhood that is one of the least-vaccinated areas in Cape Town. Though the setting looks different from

Vax mobile in South Africa

Rapid diagnostic testing for malaria is more important than ever during the COVID-19 pandemic

A version of this blog was originally posted on impactmalaria.org. Malaria is a major health risk in Ghana, with over 5.1 million diagnosed cases and over 300 deaths in 2020 alone. With the added threat of COVID-19, the World Health Organization (WHO) advised high-malaria burden countries, such as Ghana, to tailor interventions and maintain the


Striving to improve care in the community to save time and lives 

When Beatha Mukabucyana’s children fell sick with malaria, a community health worker in her village in Rwanda treated them. “The quick and efficient health services, provided to me in time of need, motivated me to become a community health worker,” she said.  Chosen to serve as a community health worker (CHW) by her village, Karambi,


Meet Manthomeng Matete

Meet Manthomeng Matete, who coordinates the Community and Universal Testing for TB among Contacts (CUT-TB) study in Lesotho. A three-country study, CUT-TB is evaluating new contact tracing strategies with the ultimate aim of improving case detection. Jhpiego leads the study in Lesotho in partnership with The Aurum Institute. What problems is study hoping to solve?

Women in a waiting room

“Claim your valor.”

Reaching men with HIV prevention and treatment services remains a pressing priority in the global HIV epidemic response, but messaging to men can be tricky. In Nigeria, a social media campaign emphasizing the courage it takes to know your HIV status has resonated, increasing men’s participation in HIV screening and treatment. The campaign, called VALOR


Rising to the Challenge, Delivering Oxygen to Save Lives

Wa, Ghana—Shulammite Asamoah Gyamerah still remembers her first shift at the COVID-19 treatment center. For the first time in her 13-year nursing career, the 37-year-old mother of two was fearful and anxious. ‘‘I was very worried about getting infected and infecting my family too,’’ says Shulammite. But, as a senior nurse at the Upper West Regional Hospital, she knew her priority was delivering lifesaving care


In Lesotho, HIV programs give COVID-19 vaccine campaign a leg up

The challenges governments in Africa face to vaccinate their people against COVID-19 have been well-documented. Inadequate supplies and funding, lack of necessary ultra-cold chain technologies for some vaccines, vaccine hoarding by rich countries and delays in shipments all disrupted supply over the past year. Even as supplies improved late in 2021, vaccine hesitancy is disrupting


Meet Gathari Ndirangu

When Dr. Gathari Ndirangu first started seeing patients early in his career as a physician in rural Kenya, he cared for a woman who labored for three days with a difficult pregnancy before she could get to the nearest hospital. By then, her unborn baby had died and her own life was in danger. He

Dr. Gathari Ndirangu

Taking her care into her own hands, a student opts for self-injected contraception

Laetitia Tagnan, a student at the Norbert Zongo University (NZU) of Koudougou in Burkina Faso, dreams of a career as a diplomat. Optimistic, full of life and determined to achieve her goals, Laetitia, 24, devotes herself to her studies and takes precautions to avoid anything that will interfere with her plans, including getting pregnant. Self-injection

Laetitia Tagnan

A Midwife and Ambulance to the Rescue

The frantic call from a nurse at the Koukoudé health post came in at 8 p.m. A woman in labor with twins had given birth to the first baby, but now, hours later, the second baby had not yet arrived. Immediately, Kalaya Kourouma, a midwife at the Boffa District Hospital in Guinea, alerted a district


Impact Giving Makes a Difference

My health center, it is really bad. The ceiling collapsed, termites have eaten it up. Community members run away from the health center. The patients have refused to come. The pregnant women used to say, ‘We can’t come to have our babies in this place.’ It is very hurtful but there was nothing I could


The Long Road to Eliminating Gender Violence

The Global 16 Days Campaign — now 30 years strong — seeks to encourage activism around gender-based violence (GBV) in the world of work. Jhpiego, meanwhile, is on the ground in Mozambique, aiming to prevent unintended consequences of development projects there. The campaign began November 25. From the start of a large-scale road construction project


Helping Girls Realize Their Dreams

Lunzu, Blantyre District, Malawi — Alinafe Machilika had to leave high school before finishing her final year, dashing her hopes of becoming a nurse. Her family couldn’t afford the fees. The teen quickly married and soon had a baby, which left her wholly dependent on her husband. The couple fought, mostly about money. With little


Families Ensure Success of Antimalarial Study in Rwanda

Participating in a study to determine the effectiveness of an antimalarial medication—a therapeutic efficacy study—was well worth the time and effort it took, says Jean Bosco Nzirorera, adding that his family has been healthy and malaria-free ever since. In 2018, Nzirorera, along with his wife Francine Uwimana and their son Ivan Ishimwe, who was just


Supporting Liberia’s Fight Against Malaria in Bomi County and Beyond

Oretha Sondah, a registered nurse at Gayah Hill Community Clinic, has seen plenty of cases of suspected malaria in her small community in Bomi County of northwestern Liberia. The hills around her community used to be home to a thriving center of iron ore and diamond mining until it was destroyed by the 14-year Liberian


Defeating Malaria, One Woman and One Bed Net at a Time

In Liberia, a country where malaria transmission occurs throughout the year, the Ministry of Health prioritizes the provision of insecticide-treated bed nets (ITNs) to pregnant women during the course of their pregnancy. ITNs provide effective protection against malaria and have been shown to reduce malaria illness and death in high-burden settings. These protective benefits are


Jhpiego Joins the WHO in Celebrating Approval of First-Ever Malaria Vaccine

Jhpiego’s Dr. Chris Morgan was in the virtual room October 6th when the World Health Organization made a historic announcement: approval of the first-ever malaria vaccine for children in areas of high transmission. For a public health expert who has worked for decades at the intersection of immunization and malaria treatment, it was an incredibly

Malaria vaccine