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Women's Empowerment: It Takes a Business

Helping newborns take their first breath!
Jhpiego, with support from MSD for Mothers, is empowering nurses in private health facilities in two states in India to provide quality care for mothers and their newborns. Around 1,300 providers have been trained in life-saving childbirth-related care practices. Read More »

New Surgery Services Offered at Six Ethiopian Hospitals

An ambitious effort by the government of Ethiopia to strengthen its health workforce has led to the availability of emergency obstetric surgery at six local hospitals. The expanded services are helping save the lives of pregnant women who face complications at birth. Read More »

Strengthening Private Health Facilities in India Improves Services for Women

Yasmeen Bano and her new baby benefited from an initiative to increase access to high-impact health services at 140 private health facilities. The program is supported by a partnership between MSD for Mothers, Jhpiego and the association of Indian obstetricians. Read More »


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