Help women and families as together, we transform futures.

We believe women and families have the power to build a thriving world. Together, we can deliver on that dream. Don’t take our word for it, here’s what Vox has to say.

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As the World Changes, So Do We

We’ve been around for almost 50 years, but that doesn’t mean we’re set in our ways. We respond nimbly to what countries need, when they need it.

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Take a journey today in the Guardian

Two stories, two nurses, two trailblazers saving lives and improving health in two different parts of the world. Read these uplifting stories in The Guardian today.

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Stories From Around The World

Learn about the people we serve and some of the heroes of our work. Our stories come from the frontlines of health care in some of the most remote and vulnerable communities on the planet.

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Pioneering science and unwavering dedication.

Our technical expertise couples global evidence with breakthrough innovations—and then translates it to the real-life contexts of the countries where we work.

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Pioneering health services that save lives

We fight to improve the health and safety of women and families everywhere. When you donate to Jhpiego, you help us make sure that what families everywhere deserve is what families everywhere get: quality health care that saves lives, improves health and transforms futures.

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This first-time mother’s preemie was too small.

But thanks to our Global Circle and donors like you, she and her newborn received the care they needed to thrive. By giving monthly your gift will save lives, improve health and transform futures all year long.

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