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A hard truth

In the time it takes to introduce you to Anesta, a woman like her has died from preventable causes related to pregnancy and childbirth.

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Meet Anesta

22-year-old Anesta lives in rural Tanzania. She has a long walk to gather water, and instead of drinking coffee, she harvests it to sell in the market.

Anesta was facing death

When Anesta became pregnant, Phidius—a community health volunteer—encouraged her to deliver at her health facility. As labor started, he drove her on his motorbike to the health center. She began bleeding profusely. Anesta needed a caesarean section.

Enter Wilhelmina

As a young girl, Wilhelmina admired the nurses she saw at the health center and aspired to be one. Today, she’s an accomplished nurse who works nearly 7 days a week and delivers as many as 10 babies in one shift.

Anesta’s life, and baby, were in Wilhelmina’s hands

Anesta’s baby wasn’t moving and she was in life-threatening distress. But Nurse Wilhelmina and the rest of the team skillfully guided Anesta safely through childbirth.

Welcome Baby Oprah!

Thanks to your support, Anesta delivered a healthy baby girl named Oprah.

Because of donors like you, Anesta and Oprah are alive and thriving. Your gifts empower health workers to provide lifesaving care worldwide.

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Our Global Reach

From Afghanistan to Zambia, we save the lives of women like Anesta.

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