Infection Prevention & Control

RISE: Reaching Impact, Saturation and Epidemic Control

Building local capacity for holistic HIV epidemic control and flexible infrastructure to meet the demands of the global health agenda USAID’s Reaching Impact Saturation and Epidemic Control (RISE) program has supported almost 25 countries across the globe with technical assistance, service delivery, research, and cross-cutting health system aid. RISE utilizes proven tactics from 20 years

COVID-19 & Emerging Infectious Diseases

Mobilizing to Fight Outbreaks and Emerging Infectious Diseases COVID-19, Zika and Ebola. Emerging new diseases have made for some scary headlines—and will continue to threaten men, women and children across the world. In concert with our efforts to prevent and control public health crises by enhancing global health security, Jhpiego works with global, regional and

Saving Newborn Lives in Brazil

In Brazil, an unacceptable number of infants die during the first 28 days of life, nearly 12 infants per 1,000 births. UNICEF estimates that 14% of these deaths are due to preventable infections. Pediatrician Flávio Melo is determined to prevent those infections and save lives. He is leading a team of health investigators in the