Restoring Health Services in a Post-Conflict Setting

Every morning before 7 a.m., about 20 clients would gather in the outpatient area of Dubti General Hospital in Afar Region, Ethiopia. Mostly women and children, they waited their turn to talk with a doctor about their health concerns. Elderly men and women sat on wooden benches while mothers stood nearby, trying to soothe a

For HIV Clients, a Journey from Fear to Confidence

One year ago, in a small town in northwest Sierra Leone, Catherine Kamara, a 24-year-old pregnant woman, tested positive for HIV during her antenatal care appointment. “The news of my health condition was overwhelming and scary,” says Catherine. “With counseling and encouragement from Nurse Tinny, I discussed it with my husband and asked him to

Persistent Pursuit for Pharmacist Student 

Training future medical professionals

In September of this year, Albab Woyesa will leave her college campus as a proud pharmacist.   Looking back on the past three years, she recalls the challenges she faced at the start of her college education. In 2020, I joined university to study pharmacy. Unfortunately, our mother passed away the same year. My siblings and