A Journey Back to Health, with a Family Caregiver

Hardoa, India (March 2024) — Every month for the past five months, rain or shine, at least one staffer from the neighboring health and wellness center has visited Achhe Lal Mallah at his home in the Madhya Pradesh village of Hardoa to check on his well-being. About a year ago, Achhe Lal began coughing and

Finding purpose in service

As Vandana Lodhi looks into the mirror to get ready for her work, she often reflects on how far she has come in the last five years, both personally and professionally. Vandana, 28, is a community health worker, or Accredited Social Health Activist (ASHA), and serves the people of Diwari Village in Madhya Pradesh, India.

On the Front Lines of Primary Health Care 

A day in the life of a nurse and community health officer in Nagaland, India By Krithika Murali, Katherine Seaton, and Kritika Gupta with support from Ojungsangla Longkumer At 9 a.m., the Mopungchuket Health and Wellness Center in Nagaland, India, opens its doors and Nurse and Community Health Officer Rongsenlila Pongen and her dedicated team