For Midwife Masri, an Unexpected Exam Turns into a Career Calling

Unlike many nurses and midwives, Masri Ndoen’s path to becoming a midwife was anything but expected. Cajoled by her friends to tag along as they took the entry exam for nursing school, Masri decided to take the test herself—and was the only one among her friends to pass it. That paved the way for a

A Double Savings 


Providing postpartum family planning services to women immediately after birth results in significant savings for every dollar invested in the lifesaving intervention, a cost-benefit analysis by Jhpiego found.  The analysis, conducted in Indonesia to address financial barriers to private facilities providing postpartum family planning (PPFP), showed an estimated $70 saved for every $1 invested. The

Strengthening Primary Health Care

Building future-ready, resilient health systems to ensure access to quality health care for everyone, at every stage of life Half of the world’s population still lack access to essential health services. Over 1 billion people are at risk of falling into poverty from health care costs that are 10% or more of their household budget.