Defeating Tuberculosis in Lesotho Requires Tracing and Trekking  

Loosening TB’s grip on Lesotho—where the airborne respiratory disease remains a leading cause of death—means more than treating those who show up at clinics and hospitals with symptoms of the contagion.  Ending TB by 2030 in this mountainous kingdom as well as throughout the world—the objective declared in the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals—depends on

Global Health Security

Building Resilient Health Systems for a Safer World Strong public health systems not only enable families and communities to thrive, but also help to ensure stable economies and countries. Jhpiego works with governments and other stakeholders to strengthen health systems and the policies and legislation that support them, so that countries can prevent, detect and

Meet Manthomeng Matete

Women in a waiting room

Meet Manthomeng Matete, who coordinates the Community and Universal Testing for TB among Contacts (CUT-TB) study in Lesotho. A three-country study, CUT-TB is evaluating new contact tracing strategies with the ultimate aim of improving case detection. Jhpiego leads the study in Lesotho in partnership with The Aurum Institute. What problems is study hoping to solve?