Craig Greiwe

CSO and Global President of Marketing, Go Digital Media Group

Craig Greiwe is a marketing and strategy expert based in Los Angeles, California, with a deep expertise in private enterprise and public policy that are focused on driving cultural and business change for social good.

Currently, Mr. Greiwe serves as the Chief Strategy Officer and Global President of Marketing for multi-national conglomerate Go Digital Media Group, which includes: one of the largest independent music labels in America, Cinq Music; nationally renowned fitness brand YogaWorks; the largest outlet for Latinos in America, NGL mitu; and legendary retail brands Eastern Mountain Sports and Bob’s Stores. He is also the former Chief Strategy Officer of the largest cultural and entertainment marketing firm in America, Rogers & Cowan PMK, where he oversaw every aspect of client marketing efforts, including content, brand, digital, social, research, insights, media and creative. He also built a ground-up management consultancy, leading clients with over $200 billion in revenue into bold, next-generation strategy, including Verizon, Yahoo, Facebook and the late Kobe Bryant.

Mr. Greiwe’s expertise in the business world is matched by his active engagement in the public and charitable sectors. He started the fastest-growing grassroots nonprofit in Los Angeles, Rise Together, which is focused on restoring common sense and common ground in today’s hyper-partisan environment. He also recently ran an insurgent campaign for mayor of Los Angeles, where his centrist policies were celebrated and adopted by multiple candidates across races, and are currently being implemented city-wide.

Mr. Greiwe’s focus is not just on marrying public policy, marketing and strategy to drive results—it’s also on developing solutions for seemingly impossible problems, driving innovative change, restoring lost value and doing so while still hewing to social good and shared societal values. He is a graduate of DePauw University, the University of Southern California and Columbia Law School, and resides in Los Angeles.