Kristi McCombe

Kristi McCombe

Kristi McCombe has spent the majority of her adult life outside the United States, giving her a unique opportunity to explore different interests. She began her career in international banking based in Hong Kong, covering the Asian and then the European markets, working with chief financial officers and treasury departments on finance and cash strategies.
After several years in finance and banking, Kristi turned her energy to nonprofit roles and humanitarian issues. While living in Istanbul, she assisted refugee children to access education and worked to improve food security.

Having been bitten by the education bug, Kristi became chair of the governing board of a state secondary school in England that faced literacy and funding challenges. She also volunteered with a literacy charity that worked with primary school-aged children.

Upon returning to Hong Kong, Kristi put her talents to work in fundraising. She was the Director of Fundraising for the Children’s Medical Foundation, whose goal was to improve neonatal health outcomes and reduce neonatal mortality in three provinces in southwest China. She remained on the Board for two years after moving to New York City. Additionally, Kristi led the Annual Fund for the Chinese International School of Hong Kong for three years.

Since returning to the United States, Kristi has volunteered with numerous organizations in New York and California. She also currently assists Care USA with their Humanitarian Surge Fund, which raises funds for emergency needs across the globe.

Kristi received a BA in international politics with an emphasis on China from the University of California, Los Angeles.