Born Healthy in Badrika

Nurse-midwife Maya Devi Sharma ensures access to quality health services before, during and after childbirth.

By Indrani Kashyap

Listen in as storyteller Indrani Kashyap takes us on a journey through Badrika, India.

Indrani Kashyap | Sr. Regional Communicator, Jhpiego

On a bright winter morning in Badrika, an agrarian village in North India surrounded by yellow mustard fields, pregnant women in colorful saris line up at the local primary health center.

Auxiliary nurse-midwife Maya Devi Sharma, a sought-after face at the facility, greets each woman with a smile as they enter one by one for their antenatal checkup. She reviews reports from previous visits and checks their height, weight, temperature and blood pressure. Sharma gently assesses the position and heart rate of their unborn babies and then sends the women to the lab for blood and urine tests, and waits for them to return with their latest results. Immerse yourself in a day in her life.

Ensuring Quality Care During Pregnancy