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New “Bleeding after Birth” Training Module Debuts

Baltimore, MD—Jhpiego today released its new training module, Bleeding after Birth (BAB), a comprehensive guide to preparing health care workers to deal with postpartum hemorrhage, the leading cause of maternal deaths.

The module, the first in the organization’s Helping Mothers Survive (HMS) training approach, guides the learner through the steps in prevention and management of postpartum hemorrhage. The goal is to help health care providers quickly take the correct action, explained Peter Johnson, Jhpiego’s Director of Global Learning and a certified nurse-midwife.

In addition, the module includes a graphically designed Flip Book for use in facility-based training and a performance standard-based Provider’s Guide that supports low-dose, high-frequency follow-up to initial instruction. The entire BAB package, which can be completed in a day, can be found at the Jhpiego ReproLinePlus site.

Helping Mothers Survive training builds upon Jhpiego’s commitment to excellence in competency-based training, while adding the following key innovations:

  • Accessibility to all health workers who are required to attend births at the facilities where they work;
  • Use of simulation and promotion of role play using low-cost and portable simulators;
  • Opportunity for low-dose, high-frequency simulation of scenarios that will improve prevention and management of postpartum hemorrhage;
  • Rapid trainer development and deployment; and
  • Validated knowledge assessment and skills checklists to promote evaluation of outcomes and impact.

The HMS Bleeding after Birth training has been developed using an extremely high level of instructional design rigor. The materials have undergone detailed peer review by leading international professional associations (International Confederation of Midwives [ICM] and International Federation of Gynecology and Obstetrics [FIGO]) and UNFPA, while the American Academy of Pediatrics worked tirelessly to ensure a high degree of consistency with the companion Helping Babies Breath (HBB) training.

Dr. Cherrie Evans, Jhpiego’s Senior Maternal and Newborn Health Advisor, oversaw the peer review and field-testing of the training package in India, Malawi and Zanzibar. “In field-testing, the module was very well-received. We took suggestions on the look, feel and utility of the material for the providers and the trainers,” Evans said. “The materials were much improved by feedback from providers.”

Laerdal Global Health, Jhpiego’s innovations partner, provided instructional design support and graphics expertise.

For more information on the Helping Mothers Survive program and the Bleeding after Birth training module, contact GLO@jhpiego.net.