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News from Women Deliver 2013

Innovative Maternal Health E-training Modules Launched at Global Midwifery Symposium in Kuala Lumpur

By Charles Wanga

Jhpiego’s Dr. Leslie Mancuso helps launch an innovative e-training to strengthen health care providers skills in managing pregnancy-related complications.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia—Jhpiego, UNFPA, Intel and the World Health Organization introduced innovative e-modules to strengthen the skills of midwives and other health care providers in managing pregnancy-related complications such as obstructed  labor, excessive bleeding after birth and pre-eclampsia/eclampsia.

The e-learning modules were unveiled at the close of the Second Global Midwifery Symposium held in Kuala Lumpur, prior to the Women Deliver Conference. The new learning tool will be available online and offline using the Intel® skoool Health Education (HE) platform.

“On behalf of Jhpiego, we feel very honored  to be part of this very unique and creative public-private partnership with UNFPA, WHO and Intel,” said Dr. Leslie Mancuso, President and CEO. “This partnership brought together the expertise and strength of all of us working together to look for ways to improve the quality of healthcare to the most vulnerable populations.”

Dr. Mancuso explained that the modules are the result of “decades of e-learning- based implementation data,” the latest techniques in training and the advice and expertise of  International Council of Nurses, International Council of Midwives and FIGO.

“It allows countries to customise what’s best for their countries. Most importantly, it is about bringing training solutions to the people, rather than the people to the training solutions,” added Dr. Mancuso.

Speaking through a video telecast, Intel Vice President John Davies said Intel believes technology is critical for advancing the health of people’s lives. As part of its mission, Intel  has “agreed to use our training tools and IT training capabilities and start specifically to deliver training to over 1 million frontline health care workers in rural developing economies,” said Mr Davies.

A representative for WHO Assistant Director General Dr Flavia Bustreo said, “This is really an exciting time for midwifery and exciting time for innovation, and a future-forward looking collaboration of which WHO is proud to be part of. . . . When you see these modules you are getting the latest evidence. This is both radical and transformational”

Kate Gilmore, Deputy Executive Director of Programmes for UNFPA, said, “I want to celebrate the talent, the skills, the innovation and the daring that our colleagues have computed in this project.”

Midwives Can Save Lives: A Joint Commitment to Grow the Profession

Jhpiego is a proud signatory of the Declaration of Commitment, which resulted from a two day symposium on global midwifery in Kuala Lumpur in the days before the Women Deliver Conference. Read the declaration here.

Jhpiego’s Dr. Leslie Mancuso joins leaders in maternal health and public and private partners to support increasing the number of skilled midwives worldwide.