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On the forefront of vaccine rollout

Jhpiego's vaccination assistance is underway in seven countries

Drawing on nearly half a century of experience in health workforce development and broad global expertise in assisting the rollout of various immunization campaigns, Jhpiego is among those now at the forefront of the fight against COVID-19.

Our teams are ready to support COVID-19 vaccine planning, introduction and scale-up in more than 30 countries across Africa, Asia and Latin America, and we have partnered with Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance to provide need-based support for the vaccine rollout in 15 countries.

Our work includes technical assistance to the governments of Ghana, Lesotho, Liberia, Nigeria, Pakistan, and South Africa; evidence generation in other countries; and planning, training and scale-up support in the United States.

Jhpiego is a proven leader in training vaccinators, community health workers and others supporting vaccination efforts and ensuring quality at vaccination sites. We are also conducting monitoring and surveillance, generating demand and building community confidence in immunization. Our reputation comes in part from having worked in readiness, introduction and scale-up of the human papillomavirus vaccine in Côte d’Ivoire, Ethiopia, India, Liberia, Pakistan, Tanzania and Zambia, and on routine childhood immunization in Pakistan and elsewhere.

Here’s a sampling of where Jhpiego is working as part of the global vaccination response, including with the United Nations-led equitable vaccines initiative, COVAX:

  • Reaching Impact, Saturation, and Epidemic Control (RISE) project, Jhpiego supported the Ministry of Health (MOH) in training 500-plus workers involved in launching the national vaccine program. So far, more than 20,000 health workers have been vaccinated.
  • In Nigeria, Jhpiego is on the ground, in partnership with the International Vaccine Access Center and Gavi, supporting the MOH.
  • In Pakistan, Jhpiego is working with Gavi to support the MOH in ensuring quality in the distribution of COVID-19 vaccines.
  • In Ghana, through the RISE project, Jhpiego is supporting the planning and rollout of the national COVID-19 vaccination plan and ensuring that health workers are prepared to implement and monitor the plan.
  • Jhpiego is coordinating with national and provincial health departments in South Africa to ensure that vaccination sites have sufficient vaccinators with access to expert advice.

In addition, across eight countries in Africa and Asia, Jhpiego is addressing vaccine hesitancy by using machine learning and artificial intelligence methods.

And, in the United States, Jhpiego is working with the Baltimore City Health Department to implement a COVID-19 vaccine strategy, which includes mobile clinics to support equitable vaccine access and acceptance. With support from the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, Bloomberg Philanthropies and the Baltimore City Health Department, Jhpiego developed and delivered training for clinic staff and volunteers at mass vaccination sites, as well as for community health workers at mobile vaccine sites in senior housing, assisted-living facilities and homeless shelters.