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Safe Surgery Initiative Launched in Ethiopia

The Ethiopia Federal Ministry of Health (FMOH) has launched the Health Sector Transformation Plan (HSTP) as part of the second Growth and Transformation Plan of the Ethiopian government. The HSTP has set ambitious targets toward realizing the sustainable development goals and identified four transformation agendas: Quality and Equity, Woreda Transformation, Information Revolution and Compassionate, Respectful and Caring (CRC) health workforce.

In line with the quality and equity transformation agenda and as part of recognizing the key roles essential and emergency surgical care plays in achieving universal health coverage, the FMOH has prioritized surgical and anesthesia care by launching the national flagship initiative-Saving Lives through Safe Surgery (SaLTS).

The SaLTS initiative was launched in response to the World Health Assembly resolution-68/15 and aims to make essential and emergency surgical and anesthesia care accessible and affordable as part of the universal health coverage. It is expected that the SaLTS initiative will streamline all efforts toward defining a package of essential and emergency surgical care for Ethiopia: to be available at all levels of the health care delivery system so that they will be accessed equitably by all segments of the population.

The FMOH extends its firm commitment to improving the situation of surgical and anesthesia care in Ethiopia by launching this strategic plan. As a flagship initiative, SaLTS will receive the highest level of attention by the leadership of the health sector.

I would like to take this opportunity to extend our profound appreciation to all individuals and organizations who have actively participated in the development of the SaLTS strategic plan.

Dr. Daniel G Michael (MD, MPH) 
Director General, Medical Service General Directorate 
Federal Ministry of Health 
Government of Ethiopia

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