We partner with funders to help nonprofit and for-profit changemakers accelerate, strengthen and test their ideas. That means supporting them through the innovation process, at any stage, to help them achieve maximum success and maximum impact.   


As lead operator of the HealthTech Hub Africa—a pan-African health tech accelerator based in Kigali, Rwanda—we are working with 31 entrepreneurs committed to addressing pressing health care challenges in Africa.

HealthTech Hub Africa works closely with government partners to scale technology in public health systems and bring path-breaking solutions to communities across Africa in areas such as cardiovascular health, breast cancer, virtual health and care, and data for decision-making. We’ve joined forces with Villgro Africa, an incubator and impact investor supporting emerging health care businesses in Africa, to nurture health tech start-ups and scale ups, while fostering an enabling policy environment.

HealthTech Hub Africa is funded by the Novartis Foundation, Patrick J. McGovern Foundation, and The Global Fund.


YASH Entrepreneurs Program  

We’re helping entrepreneurs across India revolutionize how youth and adolescents access quality family planning and reproductive health services.

As part of Jhpiego’s USAID MOMENTUM Country and Global Leadership: Yash-India project, WISH is working with 18 enterprises to help catalyze innovative business models that will improve family planning and reproductive health outcomes. We help them leverage partnerships with key public and private sector stakeholders and provide technical assistance, mentoring and training with our partner organization Villgro India.

Featured Partners 

Bliss Natural

Two entrepreneurs had a simple idea: to create a sanitary napkin that didn’t irritate the user. But they needed help bringing their creation to scale. So they applied to the YASH Entrepreneurs Program. 

Today, they’ve served more than 50,000 customers and are planning to launch two new products soon—maternity pads and adult diapers for women. 

Pinky Promise

The founders of Pinky Promise started to build a mobile app with the idea that technology can help women around the world to access scientific and instant reproductive health care. 

With help from the YASH Entrepreneurs Program, they now serve 40,000+ women in India with judgment-free and accessible health care through their digital platform.

PadCare Labs

Modern sanitation choices for women must be safer and recyclable.  

That’s the mission of Padcare Labs. They’ve developed the world’s first Menstrual Hygiene as a Service business model. Now, they’re making pads more available in office spaces, with a special focus on recycling options, inclusiveness, equality, and healthier public hygiene practices. 

The Trinity Challenge

The world needs bold thinking, meaningful collaboration, and committed action to better prepare for the next global health emergency. To safeguard lives and livelihoods, a coalition of partners created The Trinity Challenge, a call to action that asked the best and brightest minds to contribute ideas and innovations in data and analytics to better identify, respond to and recover from health emergencies.

Over three years, WISH is providing targeted support to the eight winners of 2021 Trinity Challenge by tapping into our expertise around the world.


Featured Partners


The Complete Blood Count is the most widely performed medical test in the world, yet only a fraction of the data points from the test are analyzed and reported. BloodCounts! is developing machine learning models that can detect signs of emerging outbreaks from this untapped treasure trove of data.

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Rapid health decisions save lives and livelihoods. That’s whyDiSenDa is creating a multi-modal sensor network for disease surveillance, where pathogens are passively monitored via wastewater and air. This continuous and real-time data streaming, analysis, and visualization tool can help detect outbreaks before they spread.

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Developed by doctors, MedShr is an app that provides an easy and safe way for medical professionals to discover, discuss and share clinical cases and medical images. MedShr applies AI, natural language processing, and social listening technology to real world medical data to generate medical insights and early warning of disease outbreaks.

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Grand Challenges Canada


We’re providing venture advisory support to for-profit and nonprofit public health innovators under Grand Challenges Canada’s Transition to Scale and Stars in Global Health initiatives.

These innovators have been focusing on addressing critical challenges in reproductive, maternal, newborn, child health and sanitation in Southeast Asia and sub-Saharan Africa but they need help accelerating their impact, scalability and sustainability. Along with our partner, Intellecap, we provide contextualized individual and group-based capacity building to help the innovators below, among others, build their organizational, business, financial and scale up capacities.


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