Meet Zinat Begum 

As a young girl in Bangladesh, Zinat Begum was fascinated by the women aid workers who bicycled to different towns, reaching out to people in need. Their independence intrigued her, “Their lifestyle was different from most people, and they wanted to make a difference in people’s lives. That really fascinated me.”   During college, Zinat had

Hope to Tailor a Bright Future: Gloria’s Story 

Before I joined DREAMS, I wasn’t doing anything. I was a dropout due to the lack of financial support from my parents. I live in Juba with my parents and my brother, but he just drinks alcohol and doesn’t help us…. I just decided to stay at home, but when I turned 18, I got

 Pursuing Dreams in South Sudan

By Maryalice Yakutchik and Joan Nduta with reporting by Susan Martinez Small Jobs, A Big Start Juba, South Sudan — Zita’s soap business makes spot-on sense in a full-circle kind of way. When she was a girl, her mother took in laundry to earn money so that Zita and her sisters could eat and go