On the Front Lines of Primary Health Care 

On the Front Lines of Primary Health Care 

A day in the life of a nurse and community health officer in Nagaland, India By Krithika Murali, Katherine Seaton, and Kritika Gupta with support from Ojungsangla Longkumer At 9 a.m., the Mopungchuket Health and Wellness Center in Nagaland, India, opens its doors and Nurse and Community Health Officer Rongsenlila Pongen and her dedicated team

Responding to COVID-19 in Rwanda

A Community Response to COVID-19 Leads to Improved Health in Rwanda We had so many cases [of COVID-19] in the beginning. After vaccination, I have seen the change. Sister Colette, Head of Rubungo Health Centre Enough to be scared Daniel Sibomana, a 51-year-old father of five in a community just outside of Kigali, Rwanda, knew

Hope to Tailor a Bright Future: Gloria’s Story 

Before I joined DREAMS, I wasn’t doing anything. I was a dropout due to the lack of financial support from my parents. I live in Juba with my parents and my brother, but he just drinks alcohol and doesn’t help us…. I just decided to stay at home, but when I turned 18, I got