Successful C-IPTp scale-up is on the horizon led by Ministries of Health with support from partners.


Partnerships Lend to Short- and Long-Term success 

  • Ministries of Health are driving implementation implementation and coordination across partners, through national technical working groups.  
  • Ministries of Health leadership, through integration of National Malaria Control Programs and National Reproductive Health Programs, are creating the enabling environment for C-IPTp. 
  • Partners including WHO, PMI, the Global Fund, BMGF are supporting Ministries of Health in achieving their MiP objectives.
  • Civil Society Organizations and community leaders are playing a key role as trusted members of their communities.
    • Promoting comprehensive care at ANC and acceptance of C-IPTp as a high-impact intervention for malaria in pregnancy. 
    • Support to and motivation of CHWs to distribute SP in the community. 

Community Engagement

Sharing IPTp/ANC messaging with women in the community.

Mobilizing communities around IPTp.

Civil society organizations in action


Demand creation of health seeking behavior

Resources to Support C-IPTp scale-up

The TIPTOP scalability tools help countries monitor their progress toward scalability and support prioritizing actions to achieve scale.

TIPTOP learning resources help providers and CHWs deliver C-IPTp to all eligible pregnant women, ensuring no missed opportunities.

Program Learning

Resources from our program learning events