Jhpiego promotes COVID-19 vaccination efforts across three continents.

We are a proven leader in training vaccinators, community health workers and others supporting vaccination efforts and ensuring quality at vaccination sites to promote vaccine confidence. 

That’s why our teams are at the forefront of vaccine planning, introduction and scale-up in more than 30 countries across Africa, Asia and Latin America, in partnership with governments and donors. 

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Jhpiego’s COVID-19 Technical Resources

Reaching Impact, Saturation and Epidemic Control (RISE)

COVID-19 Preparedness and Response Capabilities

Operational Guidance for Continuity of Essential Services Impacted by COVID-19

New personal protective equipment resource for health care workers

Key considerations for intrapartum care in the context of COVID-19

Training Package for Supervisors and Managers of COVID-19 Case Investigation

Contact Tracing Programs and Training Package for Covid-19 Case Investigation and Contact Tracers

Ensuring Quality Family Planning Services during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Technical resources for IPC and outbreak response

Cape Coast, Ghana –– Medical oxygen has never been easy to come by in Ghana. In early 2020, the country was experiencing a shortage of oxygen supplies. Oxygen canisters were hard to find and expensive when they could be found at all. And then COVID-19 arrived, expanding the number of people who were experiencing respiratory distress and in need of oxygen. This situation was so common that doctors gave it a name, “no oxygen syndrome.” 

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The standard of care offered at Cape Coast emergency ward is so improved, we no longer have to choose who gets oxygen.

Dr. Derek A. Bonsu, Medical Director for Cape Coast Metropolitan Hospital (CCMH)

Nurses on the frontlines

A New Nurse, a New Virus

Busy, bold and brave, this India nurse maintains her cool—and carries a mic—while combatting COVID-19.

Mozambique Prepares for COVID-19

Nurse Marieta Utui is among 103 health care workers mobilized in early April to respond to COVID-19.

Raising awareness, dispelling myths

Nurse Ranita Maibam works double duty in India’s fight against COVID-19, as a nurse and a mother.