She’s 28. She’s a midwife. She saves lives.

Midwife Rose Julius received the call in the early afternoon. “I am in pain. I can’t move. I can’t walk,” a pregnant mother told her while she was on duty at a local health center in Tabora, rural Tanzania. Rose dispatched the local ambulance to retrieve her client, knowing the woman was at risk for a hypertensive condition that could be devastating for mother and baby. The young midwife’s decisions that day proved to be lifesaving. A caring provider, quick thinker and calm decision maker, midwife Rose is a leader for the future.

Photos by Frank Kimaro.

2021: Putting Midwives in the Spotlight, International Photo Contest.

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Even in the most uncertain times, midwives around the world uphold their commitment to deliver high quality care for mothers and newborns, share lifesaving skills with colleagues and maintain essential services for women and their families.  

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